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Helpful Information

What to expect?

All of my classes are suitable for all levels including beginners. My Vinyasa or Yoga Flow classes will generally move through a warm up, a standing sequence, a seated sequence and finish with cool down & relaxation. The classes are playful and fun with no pressure to achieve the perfect pose, but rather explore what your body can do and have fun with it!

What should I wear?

Come comfortable! Wear something you can move freely in- gym clothes, shorts, loose trousers. We go barefoot so no need to worry about footwear, but you may wish to bring some socks for relaxation.

What should I eat?

I would avoid practicing yoga on a full stomach. Generally eat 2hrs before hand or have a small snack eg. banana. Restorative & Yin yoga can be a little bit more forgiving, but nothing too heavy!

How do online classes work?

All taught through via Zoom. You will need a laptop, phone, or tablet with an internet connection. Simply download the free video conferencing app Zoom on your device of choice. There is no need to sign up. Once you had booked via the link, you will be emailed the code to join the class. I will arrive to the class 15minutes ahead if you are struggling or have any queries.  
Make sure you join with your microphone, during the class, I will MUTE all your microphones. 
There won't be music playing as it interferes with my voice, so feel free to play music. 
Your camera can of course be on or off at your choosing.

Do I have to bring any equipment with me?

Bring your mat & your breath.

How do I book a class?

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